Are You Letting Your Business Happen To You?

Take control of your business and turn it towards your passions. You’ll be shocked at what happens next.

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Are you letting your business happen to you?

“I’m looking at the work I’m doing and the business I’ve built and I’m wondering… is this it? I’m doing what my customers want but it’s not feeling right. Is there something I’m missing or should I just suck it up and accept that this is just the way it’s going to be?”

I could see the resignation on his face and hear it in his voice. The same resignation that I’ve heard time and again from business owners who can’t see their options… who haven’t found the alignment that they so desperately need.

They are letting their business happen to them.

Take my friend, for instance…

Yes, he’s making money.⠀
Yes, he’s got customers.⠀
Yes, he could keep going like this.

No, he would not be happy, and therefore it’s likely that he and his business would fizzle out.

What often happens when someone goes into business is that they follow the most obvious path of customer demand. ⠀
Where is there the greatest need? What do customers say they want? What do they ask me for? I’ll do that.

Seems logical, right?

On paper, yes. But here’s what happens.

We end up with a business we don’t like. And then we don’t put the energy in because it always feels like friction.

My friend was just selling the customer what they wanted, not what he wanted to deliver.

He was letting his business happen to him.

The good news is, you can shift that pretty quickly. In the case of my friend, it took about 30 minutes of feedback from our peers to see that what he really wanted to do was something quite different.

With that newfound information, he’s going to shift his positioning, his offers and his focus towards something that really lights him up. Towards a business that is aligned with what he wants and what he knows his customer needs.

And guess what else shifted? His energy. His hope. His enthusiasm. His optimism.

And that, my friends, is what makes a successful business… total alignment.You can have exactly what you want. You should have exactly what you want.

Take control of your business and turn it towards your passions. You’ll be shocked at what happens next.

Tell me in the comments…

Are you letting your business happen to you? What can you shift in your business that is aligned with what you want and what you know your customer needs?


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