Asset Planning Intensive

Find Your Goldmine

A focused, action-packed half-day intensive where we will work together to identify all of the assets you currently have (and any you would like to create), what you want to achieve within your business, who you are as a business owner, and how you can design and execute your perfect asset plan for the most aligned path to wealth. 

When the grind just doesn’t cut it anymore…

Give yourself a pat on the back. 

You’ve learned how to sell yourself (and your work), and your business is humming along. 

You’ve got great clients and offers you love.

You make your own decisions and choose your own schedule. 

You’re proud of yourself for sticking with it and making this whole entrepreneurship thing work.

But lately, it’s just not enough.

You find yourself wondering “Is this it?” more often than you might like.

You’ve turned yourself into a commodity and your currency is time

You have a skill that your ideal people want, and a service that your ideal people will pay for.

You deliver exceptional value to your clients, and they love it…


It’s the same thing, all the time. You love the work you do, but it’s never yours

It’s like giving birth over and over again, only to hand the baby off to new parents. You never get to keep it, nurture it, and watch it grow. 

You long to be building something. To put those creative skills to work for you

To create something that is yours, that grows in value over time as you and your business evolve.

Something that makes your business so much more than just you.

You look to your future, and you don’t love your options:

Sell more, work harder and hope your people will keep paying your prices as they increase

Reach for the elusivescale, hire a team and become a manager” formula (ugh!)

Re-invent yourself, make something new (again), and keep trying to resist the temptation to burn it all down.

And when you decide you’re done, so is your business.

Just like that, overnight. 

It all depends on you.


What if you had something else – something that doesn’t require you to be “on” every minute, or to be the channel through which all income flows?

What ifeverything you had been doing for the last 5, 10, or 50 years was already worth something, and could be worth exponentially more with a little care and attention?

What ifit doesn’t have to be either this (your services business) or that (a product company), but could be something new and as-of-yet undefined, and entirely representative of what you want?

the income vs. wealth trap

When you think of wealth, what do you imagine?

Excess, opulence, riches, yachts?

That’s what we’ve been conditioned to believe about wealth, but wealth is actually much simpler. 

It is defined as “possessing assets that have value”.

Creating wealth is about more than just saving money and learning to live on less (while constantly hustling for more).

It’s about creating assets that give you something in your “back pocket”.

Something that you know is making your business more valuable while you continue to do your good (amazing) work. 

Wealth is typically not discussed as part of the service-based business model. 

Today, that changes.

Everything you’ve been taught thus far needs to be flipped on its head…

You’ve been told you have two choices if you want to build wealth — and neither one involves services.

According to the experts, the (supposed) only routes to wealth are:

Scale your business
Create passive income

The true “experts” tell us that you’re an  amateur if you keep selling your time for money. 

You are taught that in order to take the next step you have to “scale” your business. And then you’re sold cookie-cutter templates and dumbed-down frameworks that never work for the business you imagined.

Passive income reigns supreme as the ultimate “you’ve made it” goal because we all get tired and wouldn’t it be nice to have your income run on autopilot?

What the “experts” don’t tell you:

Scale is just a fancy way of saying “do more of the same thing”.
(Is that really what you want?)

Passive income is never passive, and is simply an intentional shift of energy and time from service delivery to marketing.

And so you spin and spin, around and around, looking for the answers and side-eyeing the so-called solutions, but you never take the step because it just doesn’t feel right

Stephanie Hayes Business Strategist and Coach for Service-Based Small Businesses

I think we’re having the wrong conversation.

We are still talking about an effort-based business when we should be talking about an asset-based business.

What we really need to talk about instead:

You are allowed to want an income and to want wealth.


You can continue running a services business and build assets at the same time.


You’ve already got assets inside your business, you just need to learn how to leverage them.

Here’s the thing…

You like your service-based business but you would also like it to see it evolve.

You want to work how it suits you and still see growth.

You want to feel like there is something more than the endless cycle of client generation, proposals, custom delivery, repeat.

The path forward is more nuanced than what we’ve been taught. 

I prefer to focus on possibility vs. prescription

shifting your business to wealth

In a traditional service-based business, we created programs, packages, or customized done-for-you services that serve our clients well, and that we (usually) feel great about.

We will do this for years, iterating on our offers, shifting client focus, experimenting and hypothesizing until we land at our next right thing.

It is intensely effort-focused.

An effort-focused business means we primarily value time, and we do our best to optimize and wrangle time so we can run profitable businesses and serve our clients.

Unfortunately, an effort-based business is… well… a lot of effort.

The great news:

All these years, you’ve been creating assets as part of the work you’re doing. You’ve built all sorts of things to support your business and your clients, and now you’re sitting on a goldmine.

Together, we want to evolve your business from effort-based to asset-based, and find where you are most comfortable landing, and what you have already.

You get to decide what your evolution will become.

“But I don’t have time or energy to build something new!”

Before you collapse in exhaustion thinking of yet another project to add to your plate, and the time it will take until you can start reaping the rewards, let me assure you…

You already have assets in your business – and they have already been validated (by your paying clients). 

All the work you’ve been doing for years has value and can be leveraged to create wealth for you. 

There are so many ways that we can put them to work, aligned with your goals, how you like to work, what you’re excited to create, and how your business is currently structured. 

You just need a little help to get there.


Find Your Goldmine

A focused, action-packed half-day intensive where we will work together to identify all of the assets you currently have (and any you would like to create), what you want to achieve within your business, who you are as a business owner, and how you can design and execute your perfect asset plan for the most aligned path to wealth. 

Every business (and business owner) is different.

That’s why I will never give you a “cookie cutter” plan to follow for yours. 

Together, we will dig deep into what’s really driving you and how we can structure the perfect strategy for your own unique business. 

We will co-create a detailed action plan so that all you need to do is execute, step by step by step. 

Sound like your next move?

Your Investment:

$2500 USD

Here’s what we’ll do together:

Step 1

Business Owner Blueprint

Before we sit down together, you will complete an exercise that will help us both understand your current business model and priorities. 

All of my clients start with the Business Owner Blueprint, because your business must start with you. (And they often get clarity on things they didn’t even know were muddy!)

Step 2

Asset Inventory

You’ll start by creating an inventory of all your existing assets (I’ll give you a tool to help you find them!). More than likely, this will just be a start and you will continue to uncover more as we go.

We will review your inventory together and decide on one asset that feels the most exciting for you to develop.

Step 3

Asset Design


When your Blueprint and Inventory are complete, we will schedule a 3-hour session together.

I’ll help you choose your most eligible asset to develop, we will dive deep on how that asset will benefit you and your business, how it will create value for you, and define what it needs to become. 

We’ll take a look at what you have already, and what needs to be added on, wrapped around, or repositioned in order to really optimize its contribution to your business.

Step 4

Pathway and Plan


One of the most common concerns that my clients have is how they will find the time to work on their new asset plan. 

Based on what I’ve learned about you in Step 1, we will create a customized action plan, down to the details, that will enable you to walk away from our session with clear steps and deliverables, a schedule and a list of required resources to get to your goal.

Step 5

Implement and Support

Using our detailed action plan, you’ll go away and start building your asset, putting the changes in place that are required to support it and checking in with me along the way.

I will be available via voice message (Voxer/WhatsApp) for 30 days following our session to support you, answer questions and make sure you’re on the right track.

This isn’t about creating more work for yourself, but about unearthing the goldmine already in your business, shifting your thinking and decision-making, all in the service of you

My clients who have shifted to an asset-based mindset have seen really exciting changes to all parts of their business:

I’ve learned to love all of the nitty-gritty, time consuming tasks that come with launching a new business. Instead of feeling like an admin assistant, I feel like the creator that I left my job to be. Every document, email chain and process feels like an investment in me and my future.

I doubt I would have considered creating assets in my first year of business, if it weren’t for this work. Only eight weeks into this new biz, I already have several assets in the works to support my one-on-one work this year.

Kat Lourenco

Leadership Coach

Focusing on assets has helped me get off the hamster wheel and get balance back into my life. Getting my business onto a sustainable footing so that it doesn’t always require 120% devotion just to stay afloat.

Michael Pullinger

Engineer, Sustainable Energy

I knew that I had to streamline my business model, but I didn’t know where to focus. It all felt so overwhelming. Stephanie helped me see a clear path; it felt like a weight had been lifted. Stephanie has a way of uncovering the real issues and the opportunities to build assets. I feel like I’m back in control and creating something that works for my clients and me without the frustrations.

wendy tadokoro

Systems Specialist

You have space to have more space.

Spend a half day with me and we will change how you think about your business forever. 

You deserve to get more out of the work you’ve done already, and finally feel like you’re building something.

Ready for a life-changing shift?

Your Investment:

$2500 USD

let’s do this, together

I’m Stephanie, and I made this because I wanted it, too. 

I’m a business strategist and coach, with a specialty in business model design. I dive right into the heart of your business and examine it thoroughly from the inside out. 

I sat one day last year, staring at a wall of Post-It Notes that had been compiled over many hours of carefully documenting all of the experiences I have had in business. 

Up on the wall, on a bunch of multi-coloured neon papers, was a haphazard history of 25 years of my life. 

It was impressive, for sure – the businesses I had built, the risks I had taken, the education and experience.

But all I could think was “Is this it? What do I have to show for it?”

It’s not like I hadn’t had any successes. I had. But they were passing, fleeting, and once the project or the engagement was over – they were gone. 

My whole professional career had been immersed in services but I felt like I was perpetually back at square one. 

I didn’t want to change my business or the work I do, but I wanted to create something that would grow with me, would be mine, and that would contribute in a positive way to my wealth, whether that was now or down the road. 

I realized that other service-based business owners were probably feeling the same way, but no one was talking about it. 

So I did. 

And the response was overwhelming. My community of asset-based business builders is growing every day, and they are seeing the positive shifts that this model is making in their business. 

I want you to be one of them, too, and I want to help you fast-track your path to the new definition of wealth.

find your goldmine

is for you if you..

… love providing services to clients you adore but are tired of the never-ending grind

… have ever wondered what more is available to you

… no longer want to just trade time for money

… are craving some relief from the constant client hustle

… want to feel like you are building something for yourself rather than just for your clients

… are ready for a different conversation than the online business world has been having

… are an action taker and innovator, who likes a challenge

… care deeply about how your business feels, not just how much money it makes

… want your business to work harder for you

… are determined to break through old school thinking and create wealth without being a “hustler” or a “penny pincher”