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Be A Mirror That Your Customer Gazes Upon

Feb 22, 2018 | 0 comments

Be A Mirror That Your Customer Gazes Upon

They don’t care about what you think of your business.

by | Feb 22, 2018 | 0 comments


Be a mirror that your customer gazes upon.

Let them see themselves in you, so they know you are their people.⠀

I have been working with a bunch of entrepreneurs this week, helping them define who they are and what they do for their online businesses.⠀

Because knowing this is such a critical asset to your business, we spend quite a bit of time making sure they have it right.⠀

What I find a lot of entrepreneurs do during this exercise is focus on explaining and convincing, being deathly accurate about what they want people to know about how they work and what they do.⠀

But their customers don’t give a flying turkey about that. They care about what that means to them. ⠀

They care about how they will feel.⠀

They care about how others close to them will feel.⠀

They care about their money and their work and their reputation.⠀

They don’t care about what you think of your business.⠀

Try this out… ⠀

Jane is a systems tech. She wants to build a business online because she thinks she can help solo entrepreneurs with their systems and technology issues.⠀

Jane writes:⠀

“ I am a technology specialist who writes PHP and JavaScript and knows how to integrate systems. I have 20 years of experience in SDLC and in systems architecture. I build custom development packages for solo entrepreneurs.”⠀

OK. Betty over here, the one who sells bobble head figures of Norse gods, needs a better way for people to shop for her products and has been losing a lot of money trying patch together manual processes to take and fulfill orders.⠀

Which part of Jane’s statement resonates with Betty and makes her think “Oh! Whew! What a relief! She’s going to solve all my problems. TAKE MY MONEY.”?⠀

You guessed it. None.⠀

Meanwhile, Systems Suzy over here writes “I am a technology specialist who helps overwhelmed and confused solo entrepreneurs level up to better systems that will make the shopping experience much more enjoyable for their customers and easier to manage.”⠀

Yes, Suzy. Betty can understand and relate to all of the things she has listed and this seems to perfectly address her most pressing need.

Tell me in the comments…

Are you a Jane or a Suzy?


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