If You Do Nothing Else Today, I Want You to Believe in Yourself. ⠀

Without belief in yourself, you’re just strongarming life and business into happening. And that’s hard.

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If you do nothing else today, I want you to believe in yourself. ⠀

Believe there’s something you do well.⠀
Believe there’s something in you that people want.⠀
Believe that you’re capable.⠀
Believe that you’re smart.⠀
Believe that you’re unique and compelling.⠀
Believe that you’re ready.

Without belief in yourself, you’re just strongarming life and business into happening. And that’s hard. That’s a lot of unnecessary energy spent on opposition.

Here’s what I know about belief…

If you don’t believe something can happen, it won’t. Because your mind doesn’t allow it. Our brains want to keep us safe and out of a risky place. They are like the overly anxious chaperone at a high school dance.

Believing in ourselves requires us to step out into the light and say “OK, let’s do this. I may not have all the answers, but I’m sure as heck gonna try!”

Does that make you feel wobbly? It does for most.

Guess what we do instead. We become perfectionists, so we always have a reason to resist doing the things we really need to do. Perfectionism is driven from fear of blame and judgment. It is not a good thing, nor does it make your work better. It’s keeping you hidden and constrained.

So when your brain is trying to stop you from believing in yourself, it tells you stories riddled with fear and anxiety. It goes straight to the heart of what you fear the most.

But remember that your thoughts are your own making and no one else’s.

So, today? Try it. Believe in yourself. Believe in yourself for the one tiny little first step that you’re going to make towards your goal. Believe that you can do it, and learn from it, and compile the evidence so you can take the next tiny step.

And once it becomes habit, you’ll be unstoppable and free. Or at least open to joy.

Tell me in the comments…

What’s one small way you can believe in yourself today?


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