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Don’t Be Satisfied With Stories

Your story gets to be whatever you make it. But you have to make it... don’t let your story happen to you.⠀[ess_post]Don't be satisified with stories. What’s your business story? How will your great myth unfold? Will you be the Goliath that slays all your challenges?...

Only You Own Your Time

Time management issues are symptoms of a bigger problem that no system is going to solve.[ess_post]Only you own your time. If I had a dollar for every time I heard someone tell me they just “don’t have time for everything”, I wouldn’t have to be selling anything ever...

You are the centre of everything.

This is your rally cry and should serve as your bible when deciding what you’re going to take on. [ess_post]You are the centre of everything. Not kidding. Your business universe revolves around you, and so it should.  We are told all our lives not to take up space,...

Don’t forget about the profit.

Looking at your profit as a potential investment changes the decisions you make around your money. [ess_post] Don't forget about the profit. “My business made me $500,000 last year!” Whoa, awesome dude. Sounds great, right? Lucky girl. What that lucky girl didn’t tell...

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