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I Want You to Build a Business For YOU

Feb 9, 2019 | 0 comments

I Want You to Build a Business For YOU

Because you will only be successful when your business is designed perfectly for you. Each business is like a fingerprint… unique and personal.⠀

by | Feb 9, 2019 | 0 comments


It’s not about me.

I worked as a business and technology consultant for almost 25 years. My clients were big corporate, public sector and sometimes organizations in startup phase.

As a consultant, I was my product. Eventually when I owned my own consulting business, my team was my product. But for the most part I had to sell me.

In the consulting world, you’re valued for your skills, education and experience. You build your own personal brand and keep a rap sheet of credentials as long as you can make it.

You’re always selling.

When I built my coaching business, I realized that something wasn’t quite right with continuing that model, but on the contrary I was encouraged to constantly talk about me and my story, to make myself the centre of my marketing. To let myself and my successes building my businesses be the main storyline.

But it didn’t feel right and I couldn’t put my finger on why. Then, this week, it all made sense.

I realized that yes, my story matters, but it’s got to be told in the context of my customers first.

I’ll tell you why.

The number one, most important and differentiating factor about the work I do is that I want you to build a business for *you*.

I don’t want you to take what someone else did to have success and replicate that. I don’t want you to take what I did and replicate that.

Both of those scenarios will leave you right back where you began. Too many people are out there selling “Do what I did to make a gazillion figures in three months”. And guess what? It doesn’t work.

You know why?

Because you will only be successful when your business is designed perfectly for you. Each business is like a fingerprint… unique and personal.

Don’t accept a cookie cutter business model. You’re wasting time and money.

So while you need to know that I am educated and experienced enough to guide you through the process, you don’t need to know what I did to get success.

You do need to know that I’ve been able to guide my customers to their own unique successes when every one of them had different goals, values and constraints. Which means that we can find a unique path for you.⠀

Tell me in the comments…

Are you building a business for YOU? Why not?


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