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Business Alignment: Other Words For “Magic”

Apr 21, 2018 | 0 comments

Business Alignment: Other Words For “Magic”

When we redesign your business so we have perfect alignment, suddenly everything shifts: your energy, your optimism, your actions and your schedule.

by | Apr 21, 2018 | 0 comments


Business Alignment: Other Words For “Magic”


It’s a word that’s come up a few times today. Not only in talking about my client’s super playful and smile-inducing business, but in lengthy discussions around the resulting sentiment following a business alignment exercise.

Picture this:

Aspiring business owner takes the leap and starts a business. She follows all the “instructions” and creates something that’s supposed to be her dream (because you always “follow your passion”, right?). Except it feels closer to her nightmare.

Revenue is slow, no one buys her thing, she hustles and sweats and tries really hard but if she’s being totally honest, it’s just torture. Yet here she is, in debt and running out of resources, banging her head against a wall every day.

After careful analysis, we discover that her real business passion lies in a service she wants to provide but had ignored because she thought she needed to choose a customer group first.

Since she’d just taken a guess at who that was, she ended up building a business that was totally cock-eyed.

When we redesign her business so we have perfect alignment, suddenly everything shifts: her energy, her optimism, her actions and her schedule. She can put everything she’s got into this business because it makes sense and is supported by her goals and values.

This shift? It’s magic.

Magic because it clears out old blocks.
Magic because it makes things easier to sell.
Magic because it feels so good to deliver.
Magic because clients start showing up all over the place.
Magic because it just all makes sense.

How do you know if your business is not aligned? Here are some great hints:

You get knots in your stomach when you have to describe your business.

Your customers often ask you to explain your services multiple times but haven’t bought anything yet.

Your revenue is sluggish.

You spend all your time working on things you shouldn’t be.

Do any of these sound familiar?

Sign up for a free Discovery Call and let’s make some magic happen.

Tell me in the comments…

Where is your business out of alignment?


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