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Content Wrangling

Feb 7, 2018 | 0 comments

Content Wrangling

Because I know how important your content is to you, here are three of my favorite tools for wrangling my own content.⠀

by | Feb 7, 2018 | 0 comments


Content Wrangling 101⠀

The content we produce is our calling card. It’s our brand manifestation, and our personal fingerprint in our little corner of the business world. It is not a hobby, but a bonafide business tool.

No one else does your content like you, and you need it for sales and growth, and for connecting and relating to your customers.

Because I know how important your content is to you, keep reading for three of my favorite tools for wrangling my own content.

Airstory (Writing and composing, repository and hub)

Airstory was made for writers and researchers and had envisioned the workflow of someone like you or like me, bringing together inspiration and content to reference or inspire in our own works.

Airstory is my first stop for hassle-free content creation, and lets me be organized and disciplined about my writing, and gets me writing much more quickly than any other system.

Check it out at

Typeform (Collecting customer submissions and language)

With Typeform, I create any and all points of interaction for my clients to submit information to me, whether it is questionnaires, or opt-in content, quizzes and testimonials.

Additionally, I can review all of the entries in one table, and easily spot any trends or patterns in the language, which will help inform everything else I write.

Find it at

CoSchedule (Content distribution and tracking)

CoSchedule is as close to a perfect content distribution tool as possible, for my needs at least. Think of a big content calendar where you can plan out all your creations, and schedule campaigns, all triggered by a workflow.

It also has tools such as a headline analyzer, customized post templates and ReQueue, which will republish your posts in your channels on a regular basis.

For a look around, go to

Tell me in the comments…

What tool(s) work best for you when wrangling your own content?


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