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Get Curious. Keep Wondering. Ask The Questions.

Sep 18, 2018 | 0 comments

Get Curious. Keep Wondering. Ask The Questions.

If we adopt a policy of curiosity rather than reaction, we put ourselves into a position to grow and become better.

by | Sep 18, 2018 | 0 comments


Get curious. Keep wondering.

Ask the “why” questions and don’t let anything stay a mystery.

There are so many parts of business that feel like they just happen and we see the data, but it’s just a bundle of numbers. The click through rate. The viral post. The ROI. The conversions.

Then there are the other parts that have no data but still feel like a surprise… the way your client bristled at that last thing you said. The accolades you received in someone else’s mastermind but had no idea they were happening. The heated debate on that last post you made.

What we often miss is that these edge cases are phenomenal sources of really valuable information for us. And if we just get curious about what went down, we might uncover some really spectacular truths.

I have been learning from the best about getting curious and what I’ve learned about myself is to dig deeper, stop and ask more, peel back the layers and go one “why?” deeper. This has been transformational.

If we adopt a policy of curiosity rather than reaction, we put ourselves into a position to grow and become better. In fact, the most difficult and rigid people are the ones who have lost the motivation or ability to be curious.

Instead of wincing when your customer bristles, lean in to it and get curious. You might learn something valuable about their pain that will totally change how effectively you serve them.

Instead of just celebrating the fantastic response rate on your latest promotion, dig into the numbers and get curious about what made it work. You can replicate and improve that strategy next time. It’s like insurance.

Instead of telling yourself that you just can’t do it, get curious and ask yourself why you think you can’t. You may liberate yourself from your own constraints.

Becoming curious requires discipline, courage and intuition, but the opportunities to vastly improve yourself and your business are plentiful.⠀

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