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How Much Do You Value What You Do? Your Customers Will Tell You

Jul 5, 2018 | 0 comments

How Much Do You Value What You Do? Your Customers Will Tell You

You are not your client. You will always misunderstand how much someone who is not you will value what you do.

by | Jul 5, 2018 | 0 comments


How much do you value what you do?

I bet surprisingly not a lot.

This is where pricing problems begin. We can’t imagine paying *that much* for the service we provide, so we also can’t imagine others paying that, either.

Layer on some Imposter Syndrome, fear, lack of clarity, outside influences for good measure and soon you’re paying others to let you do work for them.

Well of course you’d think that. What you do seems easy, obvious and understandable… to you. That’s why you have decided to do it, and offer that to others. It’s your thing. It’s what you do. If it didn’t come easily and if you didn’t do it more quickly or better than others, you wouldn’t be selling it.

But that doesn’t mean others don’t value it. In fact, the problem they have is a problem because the solution is insurmountable to them. They are seeking help because they don’t have the knowledge or expertise to solve their problem. So imagine what they feel when you tell them you do…


How much would you pay for that? More importantly, how much would THEY pay for that?

Your customer doesn’t look at your solution and think “Oh gosh, well she’s going to solve this big problem I have in an hour long session but she’s charging $249. I bet I can get it for $199.”

Solution-seekers are not bargain hunters, nor do they care how long it takes for you to solve their problem. So if you are valuing your services by the hour but your customers are valuing your services by the outcome, something’s gonna be off.

You are not your client. You will always misunderstand how much someone who is not you will value what you do.

So you need to listen. Watch, read and listen.

How urgent is this problem for your ideal clients?

Where do you sit in relation to the market in terms of experience, credibility, brand?

What is the breadth of the solution you provide? Is it a sliver or the whole pie?

How personalized is your service and how customized is the solution?

These are your guideposts for pricing, not a per hour rate. Your customers will tell you what you’re worth.⠀

Tell me in the comments…

So? Do you value your service as much as your customers do?.


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