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How the Heck Are You Fitting It All In?

Aug 27, 2019 | 0 comments

How the Heck Are You Fitting It All In?

I’ve always been a busy person. I am naturally inquisitive and optimistic, so I see opportunities in everything.

by | Aug 27, 2019 | 0 comments


How The Heck Are You Fitting It All In?

I get asked that a lot.

I’ve always been a busy person. I am naturally inquisitive and optimistic, so I see opportunities in everything. I also thrive on change and variety, so I prefer a life full of lots of different stimulus.

I manage my life, particularly my business life, like a portfolio. By investing my time in various different pursuits, not only am I distributing my risk but creating opportunities for multiple streams of growth.

I own four businesses that are all growing.

I’ve also got two kids, a respectable social life (for an entrepreneur), numerous volunteer efforts and a handful of physical pursuits and hobbies.

So how am I fitting it all in?

By being strategic about which parts I do.

By structuring my efforts to align with what I do best and enjoy doing most. I’m far more likely to be targeted and focused in my work when it is aligned.

By regularly evaluating my efforts and asking a few questions:

Does it continue to serve me?
Does it cost more than I feel it’s ultimately worth?
Am I convinced that I can stick with it for the long term?

By leveraging my resources to take care of the things that are not what I do best.

And finally, by charting a course with realistic goals and expectations so I know I’m making progress, in baby steps.

See, if what I wanted was rapid growth and soaring results in a short period of time, I might double down on just one effort.

But because I know that my passion is variety and I prefer a portfolio of growth, I’m ok with slower but steady progress.

Success for me looks like that.

So I’m gonna keep fitting it all in and continually weeding out the things that don’t fit, leaning down my work so I can build this life my way.

Tell me in the comments…

How are you fitting it all in? What’s your trick for keeping your life full of the things you love?


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