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A Promise I Will Never Make to My Clients

May 28, 2019 | 2 comments

A Promise I Will Never Make to My Clients

When all the promises out there are to make more money, that’s the one promise you cannot promise to anyone but yourself. Here are all the ways to set yourself up to make more money, and none is a magic bullet.

by | May 28, 2019 | 2 comments


Here’s a fun fact…

I did a quick review last week of over 20 business programs for small business owners, and you know what I found?

Every single one of them promised to make you more money.

Boom! More money! Woohoo!

Do you believe it? Can you believe it? As long as there is the slightest possible chance it’s true, I guess everyone would like to believe it.

And that’s why they sell. They’re peddling hope.

But here’s what I know…. No one can promise you more money. (Unless they are writing you a cheque. In that case, go for it!).

No one can guarantee you profits. That’s up to you, and you alone.

And that’s why I will never promise my customers more money.

Does that sound like a cop out? It’s not, and here’s why.

Alignment leads to growth

In order for you to make more money, a lot of things have to be in place. I *can* promise you those things, and to set you up to be ready.

But there is no amount of cash you can throw at ads or cold traffic to convert clients if your business is not working in the back end. There is no marketing tactic that will suddenly explode your sales because you just tweaked the images in your Instagram feed, or wrote better copy on your website.

You need to build a foundation that supports and feeds your customer pipeline so that you have a reliable, consistent stream of followers going through their journey with you to ultimately end up as paying customers.

In a nutshell, your business needs to be perfectly aligned before you can make more money.

6 conditions for alignment

There are 6 conditions that have to be true for a perfectly aligned business. Because I want you to be successful and make more money, I’m gonna sum them up here.

First, you have to like your business and be delivering products or services that are totally perfect for you AND your clients. You need to utilize the skills that light you up, and be completely aware of which goals and values absolutely must be met.

Second, you have to deliver something that your client actually wants. This is probably the place that I see business owners get tripped up. You try and sell what you think your clients need, but your clients are over there, asking for something else. So instead, you need to meet them where they are, and then educate them to move to what they really need. Otherwise, you’re shouting into a void.

Third, you have to price what you sell to be in alignment with the brand you’re trying to build and your customers’ expectations of the value of your services. Selling too cheap will miss the mark and cause you frustrations, and selling too high will alienate and confuse your ideal clients. Pricing is all about your brand, not about your worth.

Fourth, you have to show up consistently and often, and ask for the sale. People buy from others because they know, like and trust them. You cannot build relationships from haphazard marketing, and you cannot create a loyal following when you aren’t consistently in your audience’s realm. And don’t forget to tell them how to work with you!

Fifth, your processes must be built in order to deliver the kind of experience you want your customers to have. This is all about aligning your systems and processes with the focus of your business, so that you can continue to delivering your services in a way that delights you and delights your clients, and supports the kind of business you want to have.

And finally, your work schedule must be aligned with how you want to work. This is easily the point of the most friction and can severely affect sales efforts ny creating the “feast or famine” epidemic that plagues most business owners. Figure out your boundaries and desired work style, and build around that.

When you have created alignment in these six areas of your business, you’ll have the foundation in place to start making more money. Without it, you may have some lucky breaks, but you will not see consistent growth.

So reach for the stars and set your goals where you want them to be, but you need to put in the work on the “non-sexy” parts of your business to support consistent income growth.

Trust me, it works.

Want to hear more?

On Thursday, I’m going to be sending a story to my subscribers of my client, Becca, who discovered the beauty of alignment in her business and almost immediately saw the affects on her income and business growth by getting clear on all these aspects of her business.

If you haven’t subscribed, do that now so you can read Becca’s story!

As of this writing, Becca has doubled her followers on social channels, grown her online clients by 50%, increased her email subscribers by 30% and tripled her sanity (in her own words!).

All in a matter of months. Two, to be exact. All because she aligned her business with who she is and what she wants.

It’s powerful stuff, and I’m going to share with you her own words and the impact our work has had on her business.

Keep an eye out for this email on Thursday! If anything, it will make you want to leap up and cheer her on, but I’m hoping it actually gives you the inspiration to learn more about how you can do the same. (Hint: I’ve got something coming to help you with that, too!)

Tell me in the comments…

Are you in alignment in your business, or is there something that feels off still?


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  1. Fancy Ruff-Wagner

    Hi Stephanie –

    This made it very clear to me where I am hung up – and that is on the 4th condition. I actually haven’t been showing up consistently because I’m still missing a few processes and systems to make that happen. I knew that, and have been working on it as much as I can, but I didn’t have the words. So this gave me the clarity – and the validation – to keep working on it. I think I’m good on conditions 1-3, and, as you know, I am working on 5. But that 4 has been missing and I need to get it in place. Thank you.

    • Stephanie Hayes

      So glad this is clear for you, Fancy! I know you’re working on getting everything in place, and that’s going to make a big difference for you. In the meantime, keep showing up like you have been!


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