In My World, Being Easy Is a Badge of Honour

I am in reform from the lifelong thinking that everything that is valuable is hard. That if I make it more difficult, it will be worth more.

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In My World, Being Easy Is a Badge Of Honour

As the western world continues to revile the behaviour of increasingly more jerks who have hidden in shadows for decades, I want to take back “being easy” as a concept to be celebrated, striven for and coveted.

I am in reform from the lifelong thinking that everything that is valuable is hard. That if I make it more difficult, it will be worth more.

Raise your hand if that’s also your default.

It’s almost embarrassing how long I got in my way, now that I’ve seen the light.

The other day I had just finished putting the final touches on a proposal I had been stressing over for weeks and weeks. Stressing so much that I couldn’t start.

When I finally sat down and wrote it, it probably took me 20 minutes. I sent it away with much heart fluttering and spent the next two days wondering and worrying until I received a response with a simple “Yes, let’s do it.”

I sat there for a few minutes, almost confused, until I finally thought, “Well. That was easy.” What had I expected? A fight? A long and drawn out test? A negotiation?

No. I had simply stated my case, lined up a pitch and made it easy to say yes.

In the corporate world, I would have expected all those things. Corporate is still making everything complicated and complex.

In the small business world, we strive for easy. You know how you make your business easier to do, run, and sell? Alignment.

When your goals are aligned with your values, and your values are aligned with your offers, and your offers are aligned with your customers and the way you want to work, everything becomes easy, because you aren’t working with resistance.

Your business outcomes feel right.

Your offers resonate with your potential clients.

You work in the way that is most natural to you.

You utilize the skills that you are most confident in, and like practicing.

It’s just easy.

Of course we all work hard in furious fits and starts. Easy doesn’t mean you’re not working, it just means you’re working without friction.

So get out there (dress exactly how you want), and fly your EASY flag high and proud. Stop making your business so hard.

Tell me in the comments…

Are you waving your EASY flag?  Or is something out of alignment in your business that needs to be addressed?


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