“It scares me, so I should probably do it.”

Imagine if you were open to all the possibilities? You’d be a powerhouse of optimism and confidence. Which means you’d be an action hero.

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“It scares me, so I should probably do it.”

Wanna be inspired? Go hang out with my clients for a while. These people are the absolute bomb. They are brave and resilient and totally focused on their goals. They are smart and practical and visionary. I love them with the fire of 1000 suns.

I have a client that was uncomfortable with visibility and had been squirming away from it for a while. She has a totally invaluable service and a great story yet the thought of going out and making herself present made her shiver.⠀

Somewhere between our last couple of sessions she decided that all those things that made her squirm were the places she wasn’t growing. So she started trying. And after that first toe in the water, she decided it wasn’t all that bad, and saw how much she would gain from getting past those blocks.⠀

Today, we talked after a couple of weeks and she floored me with all of the actions she had been taking – all the things she didn’t want to do before. And now? She is starting to see all the opportunities for growth where she hadn’t been playing before.⠀

Part of what makes us feel stuck is when we have already decided in our heads that we can’t do certain things. Whether it’s video, raising our prices, guest posting, calling an influencer… once we open those doors and consider them possible rather than a hard “no”, the boundaries of our business open up and suddenly there is room to move… there are *options*. And options equal possibilities. And possibilities equal hope. ⠀

Imagine if you were open to all the possibilities? You’d be a powerhouse of optimism and confidence. Which means you’d be an action hero. As in, a really awesome and successful person that takes action.⠀

Later on in the day, this same client and I were chatting about pricing. I gave her my opinion of what to charge for her package. She gave me the face and said she’d sleep on it. And then the magic words: “It feels really scary to ask that much, so I should probably do it.”⠀

And that’s how you do it, folks. That’s exactly how you do it.⠀

Tell me in the comments…

When was the last time an aspect of your business scared you?  Did you cower in the corner or did you tackle it with full gusto?


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