Episode 1 – The Journey So Far

Aug 4, 2022

In this episode, we kicked off our 12-week live video series discussing Dr. Karen’s journey this far, how she decided to make the move from teaching tactical skills to SLPs, to helping pediatric therapists build their leadership skills.

We dive deep into the mindset shifts she had to make to find the true alignment of her business and her personal values and passions, and how to be patient and do the hard thinking work while resisting the temptation and pressure to just do something.


Join us for a 12-week journey following the redesign and launch of a real-life business with weekly live episodes diving deep into all of the decisions, challenges, thoughts and commentary on building a next-level business. Dr. Karen is a Speech Language Pathologist (SLP) who has spent many years teaching and mentoring other SLPs through her courses and resources, but felt that it was time to broaden her focus and start following her true passion, to help pediatric therapists develop greater autonomy in their practice, and ultimately make a more significant impact with their work.

Follow along as she reflects on how she is learning to develop her own leadership skills through launching a brand new offer, to a brand new audience and how she is making decisions that better align her own personal goals with those of the therapists and practitioners that she serves.


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