Episode 2 – What’s In a Name?

Aug 24, 2022

Even though Karen was lying on a beach in Mexico, our work didn’t stop. In fact, having some time and space away from the routine really helped her get some clarity on what we’re going to be discussing today…

Branding, messaging and positioning for your new offer! This is a really tricky part of the process for everyone – no one escapes the frustration of having it right *there* but not quite being able to articulate it.

How you position, message and brand your offer is so much more than finding a cute name, or a pretty logo. More importantly, it’s the gut punch-heart slam that makes your ideal client go “Oh! That’s for me and I NEED it.”

It’s an intricate process of knowing, seeking, learning, asking, and trying. And it doesn’t happen overnight or in a workshop. It happens when you give yourself the time and space to digest, ruminate and listen.

Which Karen has been doing for the last week, and you may be surprised to hear where we got to.


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