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Meet Dr. Karen

Dr. Karen Dudek-Brannan is a Speech-Language Pathologist (SLP) who has spent the last 7 years building a business that helps SLPs hone their skills through courses, downloadable resource guides, and various digital educational products.

She had tried a number of different business models but was feeling disconnected from her business and just burned out on the never-ending cycle of marketing and content creation.

Over the past few months, Dr. Karen and Stephanie have been working together on discovering what Dr. Karen’s real business passions are and designing a re-aligned business model that is much more focused with who she is as a person and what she envisions for her business and herself as a business owner.

Meet Stephanie

I’m Stephanie Hayes, and I’m a business strategist and coach for small business owners who want to grow their service-based businesses in smart, healthy and sustainable way. I specialize in asset-based business model design, and marrying strategy and execution so my clients can quickly and effectively transition into their next phase of growth.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Karen multiple times over the last four years, and our work together fits perfectly in line with how I love to work best with my clients. Karen is a VIP client, and that means I get to support her every day, helping her ask the right questions, and discover and decide on her most ideal path.