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“My business is crazy easy.”

Feb 20, 2018 | 0 comments

“My business is crazy easy.”

Your business shouldn’t feel like a burden. Nor should it feel frustrating or like you would punch it in the throat if it had one.

by | Feb 20, 2018 | 0 comments


“My business is crazy easy.”⠀

That’s exactly what I love to hear from my clients when I ask them how things are going. ⠀

Let me tell you, they don’t all start out that way. This client in particular had started her business in a totally different place, and had followed a business model that came out of the box. ⠀

In other words, she did what she thought she had to do based on her skills and experience and the generally accepted direction that someone in her shoes might take.⠀

She toiled for years in this costume but something always felt a little off. Do you ever get that feeling? Like something’s always a bit of a struggle? Like you can’t quite figure out why you’re putting so much in yet feeling no joy coming out?⠀

Your business shouldn’t feel like a burden. Nor should it feel frustrating or like you would punch it in the throat if it had one. ⠀

You know what made my client’s business feel “crazy easy”? Getting clear on her business model. Getting clear on the work she ACTUALLY wanted to do. Getting clear on who she was actually serving. ⠀

All the signs were there. It was a 15-minute conversation. But she couldn’t see them herself. When she did, it was like that blinding light up on the hilltop shining right down on you that you never noticed. Face palm, indeed. ⠀

Well, now things are easy. How about that? It doesn’t mean she doesn’t work hard, but she now works hard without friction.⠀

Would you like that too?⠀

Well, I’m proud to say that finding that clarity is my superpower. It’s the most fun part of my work, and I love, love, love doing it.⠀

So, make me happy. Make you happy. ⠀

Sign up for a free Discovery Call and let’s find you a way to make your business crazy easy. Not just easy… CRAZY easy. ⠀

No obligations. No pitch. Just you and me, and some good, old fashioned business wrangling. ⠀

Tell me in the comments…

Where can I help you find ease?


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