“It’s not even the same game any more.” … When You Shift From Struggle To Flow

A business is a system. It’s a machine. All of its parts work together, like gears and pulleys. You cannot change one without affecting the others.

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When you finally make a shift from struggle and friction to flow and ease, it’s like you’re running a completely different business. ⠀

All the bits and pieces that didn’t feel right are gone, and in their place is opportunity – all the spaces where you can now move, that weren’t there before.⠀

That transition is integral in order to enable yourself to build out and up. ⠀

When I work with a business owner to help them find that new game, we work through a structured, disciplined process to flesh out all of the corners of the business, figure out what needs to be aligned.⠀

You see, it’s integral to look in all the dark corners and examine all angles. So often, I see business strategists and coaches focusing on just one area, where they are comfortable and experienced, but they’re missing the impact of all the others. ⠀

A business is a system. It’s a machine. All of its parts work together, like gears and pulleys. You cannot change one without affecting the others. It’s not enough to put a bandaid on your marketing without looking at your customers. Your offers have to work in lockstep with your goals. ⠀

That’s why my Growth and Profit Master Plan focuses on all the critical areas of your business, so we can build a holistic business model that makes sense.⠀

Over 6 months, I work through each of the following areas so we can be utterly confident that what we’re building for you works.

  • Vision. Your goals, values and dealbreakers.
  • Customers. Your target customers for their attributes, values, needs and desires.
  • Offers. Designing what you bring to your customers so it is aligned with what they need and with your vision.⠀
  • Money. Without a plan for what you need and want to make, you will be shooting in the dark.⠀
  • Timeline. Build you a plan that works with your constraints and schedule.⠀

I am addicted to the freedom and relief that my customers get after their working sessions, but to make sure they stay on track, we spend four months building their new reality.

So, what’s stopping you? Sign up for a Discovery Call and let’s see how we can get you on the road to the future you want.

Tell me in the comments…

Which part of your business machine is just not working yet?


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