Notice the Details

When your customers experience you and your services, the details will craft their experience.

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Notice the Details

We are getting ready to depart Vegas for home. It was a productive few days and we made some great new relationships. ⠀

The thing that strikes me about Vegas hotels/bars/casinos is the level of incredible detail that someone has gone to in order to make the experience a cohesive display for all the senses, almost so as not to miss any one opportunity to make you vitally aware of where you are.⠀

Most of us will breeze through these buildings en route to a goal – a party, a meeting, a drink with our friends – and we miss the excruciating detail that has been put in to the decor. Someone, at some time, has painstakingly created an experience but most of that detail gets lost or overlooked.⠀

However, in a quiet moment outside waiting for the cab, I sat looking at the building and the ornate and complex structures in the ceiling of the taxi stand. The taxi stand! Although it’s not my style, I could appreciate the extensive work that went in to the execution and the insistence this hotel had on carrying out the experience completely, even to the area where most depart from.⠀

Similarly, when your customers experience you and your services, it’s the details that craft their experience. The hand written thank you card or the questions you ask which indicate you are listening. The way you notice that they sign their emails with a different name than they formally use.⠀

Remember the details because your customers will, too.⠀

Tell me in the comments…

When have you experienced a sense of personalized service through the use of perfect details?


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