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Sales Calls Are Meant to Open Doors, Not Close Them

Sep 24, 2019 | 0 comments

Sales Calls Are Meant to Open Doors, Not Close Them

Sales conversations are an art form, and they involve a lot of listening.

by | Sep 24, 2019 | 0 comments


Sales conversations are an art form, and they involve a lot of listening.

Your first meeting with a potential client determines 80% of how they decide to engage with you in the future. How they feel when they leave their first conversation with you is more important than what you tell them.

Many business owners make the mistake of trying too hard to structure the initial consult call. While there is a ton of value in giving yourself some guidelines, if you’re rigorously leading the client through the call, there is a risk they will be left feeling unheard, or that they didn’t get to address what they really wanted to discuss.

Sales conversations are an art form, and they involve a lot of listening. It’s important to strike a balance between guiding the call so that the customer feels like you’ve got them covered, and letting them tell their story.

Additionally, letting your customer talk gives you a whole bunch of great information about what’s really on your potential customer’s mind, and therefore you should be able to steer the discussion to address the key pain points they have communicated to you.

Given an open-ended prompt such as “So, what’s going on?” or “Tell me about where you’re at right now”, most people will be inclined to launch in to their challenges first, and tell you how they are feeling about them. You can use these cues to really nail your recommendations.

Let your customers talk. Give them time to explain themselves. It’s OK to leave empty space where they can work through their thoughts.

Another great way to help your customer feel heard is to ask them questions about what they’ve told you. Ask for specifics, for stories.

Be in conversation.

Too often, when we have a set script, we are focused on getting to the next part of the call and forget that we are talking to a person, and that person wants connection.

Focus on how you make your new prospect feel heard, and you are more likely to be invited to continue the conversation.

Tell me in the comments…

I’m rooting for you! Where are you trying too hard to structure the initial consult call?


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