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Success Isn’t Accidental Or Unplanned. It Is One Intentional Step At A Time.

Aug 24, 2018 | 0 comments

Success Isn’t Accidental Or Unplanned. It Is One Intentional Step At A Time.

However you define success, it is always the product of intention and deliberate action.⠀

by | Aug 24, 2018 | 0 comments


Success isn’t accidental or unplanned.

You don’t just suddenly trip over your dream like I do over the Lego all over my house. You don’t achieve your goals by wandering haphazardly through your days, trying a little of this and a little of that.

However you define success, it is always the product of intention and deliberate action.

You know how I love to scroll through all the ads on Facebook and marvel at what the online world is offering today? A strong majority of those are screaming that you can basically go from nothing to baller by taking Easy Street all the way through. Their copy lured the reader in to believe that they stumbled upon a secret that made them successful overnight.

Sure, we might roll our eyes, but there is always that little nagging voice wondering if that could be true and then there is a possibility it could be so WHY NOT ME?

Orrrrrr you could start building a plan for that future and actually achieve it.

Every single one of my clients is building their future, one very intentional step at a time. What better insurance policy than a plan? Don’t like ambiguity? Then invest in yourself and take the time to chart your course and break down the details of what it looks like between here and there.

Because I can tell you that every investment you make towards becoming less and less accidental about your success is another promise to yourself that you can do this.

Most people get clear on their vision but don’t dig down deep enough to figure out how they actually want that vision to be achieved. So they just start doing stuff that feels like maybe it’s the right thing but never gets connected to their vision.

Like, if your vision is to ensure every dentist’s office carries gummy bears, how would you make that happen? I can think of a handful of different ways – delivery truck driver, candy maker, lobbyist for patients’ rights, etc. Getting down to this level ensures you can deliver on that vision successfully and allows you to plan your execution much more effectively.⠀

Tell me in the comments…

Tell me what success is for you. How can you be intentional and deliberate in achieving it?⠀


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