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What Excuses Are You Using To Avoid The Work You Need To Do?

Jul 6, 2018 | 0 comments

What Excuses Are You Using To Avoid The Work You Need To Do?

The work that you aren’t doing is often the work that is holding you back from growing. Otherwise, you’d be there, right?⠀

by | Jul 6, 2018 | 0 comments


What excuses are you using to avoid the work you need to do?

What permission are you giving yourself to stay focused on the things that are comfortable but not serving you?

Today was full of discussions about hiding. Hiding from the work that is grunty and uncomfortable, and requires discipline and stepping out of your comfort zone.

This is THE #1 place business owners get stuck. They get to the place where they are faced with work that is either unclear, uncomfortable or outside of what they have told themselves they are good at.

Do you have any idea how much your productivity is the product of your stories?

I don’t like structure.⠀
That just doesn’t work for me.⠀
I don’t have those skills.⠀
I have to pick up my kids/dog/grandma.⠀
I’m so busy and don’t have time.⠀
I really *want* to do it but I just don’t ever get to it…

These are all forms of hiding. And fear. And discomfort. And confusion.

In the end, the work still needs to get done if you are really committed to the growth and progress you want to make. And the work that you aren’t doing is often the work that is holding you back from growing. Otherwise, you’d be there, right?

This is why the business owners that are ready and willing to challenge their comfort levels, their habits, their stories and the ambiguity are the ones who are able to punch through to the next level.

Look, it’s everyone’s dream to be able to do only what they want, and are comfortable with, forever and ever, amen.

Of course it’s possible. Eventually. But no magic fairy lands on your lap and hands you a perfect business with everything in place. That’s the shit you need to create.

So what do you need to get from here to there?

Do you need clarity? Focus? A schedule? A plan? Accountability? Tools?

Is your answer an excuse that enables you to stay stuck? Or is there a real problem that needs to be solved?⠀

Either way, it’s time for a shift. It’s time to build some new muscles and see what busting out of your old habits will get you.

You’ve got this, now go!

Tell me in the comments…

What’s the alternative? Staying where you are? Giving up?


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