Don’t let what’s next get in the way of what’s possible.

You don’t need a cookie-cutter business

You’ve been around for a while and you’ve gotten all the advice, read all the stories, and probably spent a few sleepless nights trying to decide what’s next.

You won’t find the answer in a blog post, a podcast episode or a course, because your path forward is, and should be, uniquely yours.

You just need help finding it.

Let’s create that together.

Don’t let what’s next get in the way of what’s possible.

You don’t need a cookie-cutter business

You’ve been around for a while and you’ve gotten all the advice, read all the stories, and probably spent a few sleepless nights trying to decide what’s next.

You won’t find the answer in a blog post, a podcast episode or a course, because your path forward is, and should be, uniquely yours.

You just need help finding it.

you’re in the right place

I help dedicated entrepreneurs turn their momentum into the right thing, not the next thing.

i’m the business partner you don’t yet have

How many times have you wished for an answer to appear with such clarity that you have no choice but to move forward with confidence?

Lately, you’re spending more time standing still than moving steadily forward because you’re just not sure what that next step is, for you and your business.

You have clear (and exciting) goals and you wish you could just jump straight in to making them happen and reaping the rewards.

But, here you are. 

Sometimes you wonder if this is as far as you can go – that you’ve reached your limits. But you’re just not ready to settle for that.

You’ve got so much more in you, but every “next step” feels exhausting, uncomfortable or out of alignment with what you know you have the energy for.

You don’t want your next move to be more of the same, but rather you want to build something for yourself (for once!). Something that allows you to be creative, and to use your incredible skills to build value in your own business.

Why can’t you have comfort and success, without compromising your needs and desires?

You can. In fact, you should.

You want to have more than the hustle and grind.

You are ready for a shift.

When we work together, I make sure I know you

… your dreams and desires

… the goals that light you up and make your eyes sparkle

… the skills and experiences that make you the best at what you do

… how you prefer to work – your schedule, energy patterns, constraints and responsibilities

… your personal viewpoints and values

… the way you like to view and receive money

And then, I want to know your business… 

The good, the cringe-y, the awkward, the joyful…. show me it all!

The more you share, the better the results!

We’re not doing templated advice or boundaried coaching – we’re in this together and I’m as committed to your success as you.

Whether it’s a VIP Day, or long-term support, our work is designed to give you high impact results that are perfectly and lovingly tailored to you.

So, are you in? I am!

Your very next step couldn’t be easier.

Book a call and we can get to know each other better. We’ll spend 30 minutes diving in to what you’ve built, what you most desperately would love, what’s got you excited, terrified, frustrated, curious, and dreaming.

If the stars and our energies align, let’s go! If not, no problem! Every connection is a gift.

Are you ready for more?

book a 60-minute “Ask me anything” strategy session!

in their words

“I am so grateful for Steph. She is constantly reminding me that I can run my business however I want and need to, and even though I am always telling everyone else that same thing, I still forget to show myself that same grace. 

Steph has been my go-to resource when I feel overwhelmed or imposter-y; she’s helped me hire & fire people; she’s helped me draft difficult emails and think through the best way to handle new & sticky situations. When I launched my course last year, she worked with my team so they could execute all the marketing and admin stuff while I focused on writing the content.

I’m not sure Steph even realizes how grounding she is for me. That’s the reason I’ve been working with her since 2018—because when I’m spinning out in an HSP meltdown or drowning in too much client work, she holds me down. Refocuses me; reminds me of who I am and why I do this work. And she never comes down on me or gives me a hard time. She understands that her job is not to push me to do more things; but to be more of myself.

She has full conviction that I can build a profitable, healthy company by being myself and doing what I want, and she’s helping me make that a reality. She does not f*** around, but she has a wicked little sense of humor that I quite enjoy.”

Samantha Pollack, Feminist Copywriter
Cult of Personality

“When I came to work with Stephanie, I was burned out and my business model wasn’t scalable. I was looking to make a shift so I would stop hitting a time/money ceiling. When I first talked to Stephanie, she showed me she could think outside the box and look for unconventional models that would work for her client’s ideals, lifestyle and financial goals.

I loved her tools to help me get organized, her feedback on my strategies and the not-so-gentle nudge into the direction of thought leader, which is where I need to be, but scares the s** out of me!

Stephanie has the best balance of hard core strategy and personability. It was easy to make the changes needed and if something in her process wasn’t an exact fit for where I am in my business, she was willing to adapt a process to fit my needs.

When we first started working together, I expected to get some help shifting my business model and an outside perspective on what I was doing. I got exactly that, as well as some amazing tools and an ally I can confidently turn to when I make my next big shift in how I work.

I would highly recommend Stephanie to businesses that are in their adolescence making money, but they can’t grow unless they make some big changes in the way they work.”

Karen Frischmann, Pilates Educator
Karen Frischmann Pilates

all the questions

Are we a fit?

I’m so excited to learn more about you!

Choosing a coach or strategist to work with can be a nerve-wracking experience. How do you know for sure that this is the right person for you?

Most coaches don’t give you a lot of information about the nuances of who they are and how you might fit together. That energetic match is so important, and I want to share what I know about my ideal clients.

If you’re an established service-based business owner who is excited to commit to what’s next, we will be the perfect fit if you…

  • are lighthearted and easygoing
  • are ready and willing to do the work that we co-create
  • approach new challenges with curiosity and a learner’s mind
  • communicate openly and respectfully
  • honour your time and that of others
  • aren’t afraid to ask questions and state your needs
  • love to innovate and create your own path
  • practice gratitude consistently and appreciate the gifts you have given yourself

What packages do you offer?

It’s important that you can envision how our work together will look – how long will it take? What will we do? When do we get started? Do I have to do a lot of homework?

(I don’t do homework – this isn’t school)

The truth is, I won’t know until I learn more about you and your accountability style (I’m a Rebel), and you won’t know until you learn more about me. 

What I can promise you is that whatever we decide to do together will be in the best interest of you, your business, your goals and how you like to work. 

 While I currently offer a few ways to work together, if your needs are different, we’ll create something new that suits your situation perfectly. 

Current packages:

  • 6-Month VIP strategy and  support
  • 12-Month Independent Action Taker strategy and support
  • 3-Month Strategy Sprint with support
  • VIP Day strategy and planning

Not sure which one is for you?  That’s OK – we’ll decide together and craft the best solution to reach your goals with comfort and ease! 

looking for

group support?

join the asset builders’ club

  • Bi-weekly group coaching calls
  • Community support
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  • Access to business resources
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