You are the centre of everything.

This is your rally cry and should serve as your bible when deciding what you’re going to take on.

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You are the centre of everything.

Not kidding. Your business universe revolves around you, and so it should. 

We are told all our lives not to take up space, show up in big ways, draw attention to ourselves or appear to be focused on anything other than everyone else. 

Time for that notion to go away, because if you don’t focus on yourself, you cannot build a successful business. You can’t. 

What happens in your life when you try and do something that you don’t enjoy, or isn’t aligned with your values? You bemoan it, you procrastinate, you are anxious, resentful and possibly bored. 

It’s no different with your business. Everything down to the software systems you choose, the way you set up your planner, how you take breaks, where you find your people – these are all, and should be all aligned with you and your values. 

I had a long conversation with a guy on the plane a couple of weeks ago and he asked if I thought a business’ values need to be the same as the business owner’s. 

After much contemplation I said that yes, they did, and furthermore they should be aligned with the whole ecosystem around that business. Anything less is friction, and friction has never done anything wonderful for any business. 

Look at your business and its orbit. Where are there places where your business is not aligned? Fix those first. Don’t jump to tactics. You honestly do not need another Instagram planning course or mindset mastery program. You just need to look at alignment, every day and all the time. 

This is your rally cry and should serve as your bible when deciding what you’re going to take on.

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Write your top skills that you want to use, your top customers, your goals and values on the wall. List the ways you want to work.


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