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You don’t need a marketing plan. You need a marketing habit.

Oct 8, 2019 | 0 comments

You don’t need a marketing plan. You need a marketing habit.

So create the habit – show up every day and make yourself visible.

by | Oct 8, 2019 | 0 comments


So create the habit – show up every day and make yourself visible.

Clients always come to me, fretting that they haven’t planned out all their marketing activities in minute detail and that clearly unless everything was orchestrated perfectly, they shouldn’t even try to begin.

I get it. Marketing is this big black box for a lot of people. Add to the mix that it also feels very uncomfortable, sleazy, disingenuous and confounding, and marketing quickly becomes the Achilles heal for many a business owner.

So they seek out plans… a full-in-the-blanks planner, or some master template for a year-long plan that they are going to heroically execute on in a meticulous fashion and that will just make everything work.

Sadly, that’s rarely the case. Like business plans, marketing plans become fiction very quickly after they are created. Which is a shame because they took so long to write.

Here’s reality: marketing involves creating relationship and connection with the world. It is successful when you can be fluid, move and adjust to what you learn from yesterday. It works best when you’re listening and observing, and being visible to new audiences.

So making a big, structured plan is kind of useless. It’s akin to sticking your head in a set of blinders and just plowing ahead towards checks on your to do list without ever looking around at what you’re feeling, seeing and doing.

What you really need is a habit. You need a place to organize yourself and plan your activities in bite-sized chunks (call them micro-plans if you will but they should never last more than a day), and then you need to create a schedule where you do these things every day.

Consistency and engagement are the white horses of today’s marketing tactics and you must ensure you are both.

So create the habit – show up every day and make yourself visible.

And throw away the templates.

Tell me in the comments…

What is one new habit you will you schedule into your day?


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